Sirair Inverboost

Sirair Inverboost Full Inverter Pool Heatpump

Sirair Inverboost Full Inverter Pool heat Pump

Inverboost technology is an air to water heat pump to heat & cool the water of a pool / jacuzzi. It includes Full Inverter technology to automatically adapt the compressor and fan speed to the heating needs and weather conditions.

The Mitsubishi compressor, pcb and fan motor adopt the inverter technology. The result is a very quiet and low energy consumption heat pump. The units work silently in both silent or smart mode. To ensure proper efficiency always use a bigger pump than required.

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  • Premium ABS material, extreme weather & UV resistance.
  • Stylish with graceful curves.
  • Sense of wholeness with hidden screws.
  • Contemporary design

The coefficient of performance or COP of a heat pump, is a ratio of useful heating or cooling provided to work (energy) required. Higher COPs equate to higher efficiency, lower energy (power) consumption and thus lower operating costs.

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Inverboost Technology Advantages
  1. 8 years’ development & improvement.
  2. Excellent reliability, approved by the industry.
  3. Best combination of performance and silence.
Inverboost Pool Heat Pump Advantages
  1. ABS (Anti Corrosion) Casing
  2. WIFI – Touch screen digital display
  3. Full Inverter Technology
  4. Mitsubishi Inverter Compressor
  5. Highest COP up to 16

Silent Mode

The highest energy efficiency with the lowest noise

Smart Mode

Heat your pool at 20% - 100% capacity dynamically

Powerful Mode

Achieve the best heating capacity for your pool rapidly

  • COP up to 16, the highest standard in the industry

  • Optimized for winter season – Operating conditions ► -12°C to 43°C


Embedded LCD Controller

  • Touch screen.
  • Water-proof.
  • Stylish embedded design.
  • Easy operation and user-friendly.

Control your heat pump anywhere and anytime

ALSAVO Pro WiFi APP is added-value product for pool heat pump. It makes our life more convenient and greatly improved customer experiences. It works flexibly as a remote controller to operate your pool heat pump and check your pool water temperature anywhere. Make sure that both your phone and heatpump is within wi-fi range. The app is free to download.

With our ‘Alsavo Pro’ APP you can :

  1. Start / stop your heat pump
  2. Check / set pool temperature
  3. Check heat pump data
  4. Safety lock for parameter setting
  5. Error code notification