Sirair Integrated Domestic Pool Heatpump

Sirair Integrated Domestic Pool Hot Water Heat Pump

Sirair Integrated (All in One) 200L Domestic water Heat Pump

Sirair’s integrated domestic water heat pump is the product to be desired for all those who seek comfort and ease

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Sirair Integrated Heat pumps save carbon emissions. Unlike burning oil, gas, LPG, or biomass, a heat pump produces no carbon emissions on site (and no carbon emissions at all, if a renewable source of electricity is used to power them). Heat pumps have a cheaper monthly heating cost than normal geysers. Heat pumps transfer heat from outdoor air, so they use less energy (up to 50% less electricity) than electric geysers. The heat from the air is absorbed at low temperatures into a fluid. This fluid then passes through a compressor where its temperature is increased and transfers its higher temperature heat to the heating and hot water circuits of the house..

SANS 151 Compliant

SANS 151 Fixed electric storage water heaters: Specifies the characteristics of thermostatically controlled fixed electric storage water heaters intended for indoor and outdoor domestic use and for operation on ac supplies at voltages not exceeding 250 V for single-phase and 480 V for other appliances. National Standards are established for the de­velopment, promotion, and maintenance of standardization and quality related to commodities and the rendering of re­lated conformity assessment services.

In the South African context, the national standards encompassing the quality, as well as the testing methodology of thermostatically con­trolled water heaters in the South African Market, are largely based on the SANS (South African National Standard) 151 document. The Sirair X7, 200L Integrated HeatPump Geyser ( RS-3.6FAD/200L) has been tested to the latest SANS 151 standard published by the South African Bureau of Stan­dards in 2017

Titanium – Cored Advanced Anode Rod Protection

The anode rod is a highly effective corrosion fighting system that utilizes cathodic action to protect in­ternal tank surfaces from corrosive elements. Anode rod adds a stainless steel core to magnesium anodes for even longer life.

Sirair Integrated (All in One) 200L Domestic water Heat Pump

SUS316 Stainless Steel Water Tank

SIRAIR blue diamond enamel coating provides superior corrosion resistance. and its quality complies with Australian Standard, German Din4753.

Backup Heating and Smart Controller

The Sirair X7, ZOOL Integrated HeatPump Geyser ( RS-3.6FAD/200L) system may be installed with an electrical backup /auxiliary heater for use during periods of high demand for hot water. The electric backup is smartly controlled by the electronic display giving you full control when you want to engage the back­up system. The smart electronic display supports timer functions while also giving you a full view of the water temperature and set temperature.


Qualifies for SANS 10400-XA

SANS 10400-XA requires that all new buildings make use of a means other than electrical resistance heating to heat at least 50% of their hot water requirements. Such means may include but are not limited to, the use of solar heating, heat pumps, heat recovery from other systems or processes, and renewable combus­tible fuel. This legislative requirement applies to new or completely refurbished existing buildings where hot water systems are being affected.

Sirair Integrated (All in One) 200L Domestic water Heat Pump


Energy Standing Loss Compliant

SANS 151 published in August 2012 for fixed electrical storage water heaters took a bold step by adding an energy efficiency label as a legal requirement to geysers. The standard was later revised in 2017 calling for an improvement in the energy standing loss hence making the minimum rating a B. Even though an electric geyser is insulated, it does lose heat through its surface area over time. The rate of heat loss is a function of surface area, insulation level, and the difference in water temperature to the ambient temperature around the geyser. Defined by the SANS 151 document, standing losses per 24 hours are “the energy consumed by a full water heater connected to the electrical supply (after steady-state conditions have been reached) during any 24 h period when no water is withdrawn.