Reseller Terms & Conditions Page

Reseller/ Installers/ Dealers Terms and Conditions

These Reseller/Installers/Dealer Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) set forth the terms and conditions that govern the relationship between Sirair and the reseller/ Installer/dealer (“Reseller/Installer/dealer”) who sells Sirair’s products (“Products”).

Acceptance of Terms:

By selling/installing Sirair’s Products, the Reseller/Installer agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions. The Reseller/Installer affirms that they or their employee/s are qualified and capable of installing, fault-finding, and repairing Sirair’s products. Proof of qualification may be required. The Reseller/Installer agrees to any updates/annexures to these terms.

Sales and Marketing:

Reseller shall use best efforts to market and sell Products. Reseller acknowledges that Sirair is the exclusive owner of all trademarks and trade names associated with Products and shall not use such trademarks or trade names without express authorization from Sirair.

Orders, Delivery, Pick up:

Reseller shall submit orders to Sirair as prescribed. Sirair will make best efforts to deliver Products within the specified timeframe. Sirair is not liable for courier delays or incidents. Reseller is responsible for shipping and handling charges. Products must be insured by the Reseller/Installer. Sirair does not take responsibility for damages during transportation.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability:

  • Sirair offers a warranty on its products excluding consumables.
  • Spares required within the warranty period are supplied free of charge.
  • Warranties are granted to the invoiced person/company and are non-transferable.
  • Labour and fault-finding charges are the responsibility of the Reseller/Installer.
  • No warranties on PCBs due to load shedding and power surges.
  • No warranties on PCBs due to corrosion in harsh environments.
  • Warranties are only valid to the purchaser of the unit and cannot be transferred.
  • Correct unit size installation is crucial for warranty validity.
  • No warranty on wireless remotes; replacement/fixing on installation.
  • Condensate pumps are not covered under warranty.
  • Regular servicing is mandatory to avoid warranty claims rejection.
  • Proof of service is required for warranty claims.

Technician Site Visits:

  • Sirair incurs the cost for product faults within the warranty period subject to unit servicing.
  • A call-out fee applies if the issue is external to the product (e.g., electrical, wrong setting, poor installation).
  • The installer must be onsite during technician visits.
  • Failure to pay the call-out fee renders the warranty void.

Dealer Engagement:

  • Sirair communicates directly with installers/resellers’ clients via the dealer.


  • Pictures and model numbers are required for accurate spare part provision.


  • Refunds are processed on Fridays.
  • Original condition and packaging are prerequisites.
  • A 10% handling fee applies to refunded goods.

Intellectual Property:

  • Sirair owns all intellectual property associated with its Products.
  • Reseller shall not use or reproduce Sirair’s intellectual property without prior written consent.


  • Reseller shall keep all non-public information confidential.


  • COD payment for all Sirair products is mandatory.
  • Products are released upon funds reflection in Sirair’s account.


  • Sirair may terminate the Reseller’s right to sell Products at any time with written notice.
  • Termination occurs if the Reseller breaches any term of this Agreement.

These terms govern the relationship between Resellers/Installers/Dealers and Sirair and should be strictly adhered to for a successful business relationship.