Ducted/Hidden Inverter

Duct-Hide Away Inverter.

Commercial Ducted/Hidden Inverter Air Conditioner.


Seamless Climate Control for Offices: Introducing the Ducted/Hidden Unit.

Invisible Comfort, Unmatched Elegance:

Designed with office spaces in mind, the Ducted/Hidden Unit provides a discreet and elegant solution for climate control. The system consists of an indoor unit concealed within the ceiling, seamlessly linked to an outdoor unit through refrigeration piping.

1. Hidden in Plain Sight:

Experience the epitome of subtlety as the indoor unit discreetly resides within the ceiling. The only visible elements are the strategically placed diffusers and return air grilles, ensuring an unobtrusive presence that harmonizes with the office aesthetics.

2. Ducts and Diffusers for Precision:

The indoor unit is ingeniously connected to ducts and diffusers that are integrated into the ceiling. This meticulous design allows for precise air distribution, creating a comfortable environment throughout the office space.

3. Unmatched Elegance:

Elevate the ambiance of your office with the Ducted/Hidden Unit, where sophistication meets functionality. The hidden unit ensures that the focus remains on your workspace’s design, while still enjoying the benefits of effective climate control.

Choose a climate control solution that complements the professionalism of your office – the Ducted/Hidden Unit, where comfort seamlessly merges with elegance.

Ducted/Hidden Inverter

Ultra-Thin Efficiency: Introducing the Sleek Solution.

1. Streamlined Design, Seamless Integration: Ultra-Thin Body.

With a mere 260mm ultra-thin body, our system is not just easy to install but also boasts low noise and lightweight features. Tailor-made for hotel rooms, it ensures unobtrusive efficiency without compromising on performance.

2. Versatile Application: Wide Adaptability.

Designed with a 50Pa ESP for medium static pressure ducts, our system is versatile enough to accommodate various room structures. It even offers customization up to 70Pa ESP, ensuring adaptability to diverse environments.

3. Cutting-Edge Centrifugal Fan Blade:

Embrace enhanced airflow and reduced noise with our centrifugal fan blade. Inspired by aviation design and coupled with anti-vibration measures, it ensures optimal performance, making it ideal for spaces where comfort and silence are paramount.

4. Hassle-Free Drainage: Convenient for Drainage Pipe Installation.

Say goodbye to installation challenges with reserved drainage pipe outlet holes on both sides. Installers have the flexibility to choose outlet holes on-site, adapting to actual conditions and streamlining the drainage pipe installation process.

5. Effortless Maintenance: Body-Side E-Box.

Designed for convenience, the body-side E-box simplifies installation and maintenance, ensuring that upkeep is a hassle-free process.

6. Tailored Air Return: Flexible Installation.

Customize your installation with optional air return methods, whether from the rear or bottom, allowing you to adapt the system to the unique requirements of your space.

Experience efficiency without compromise – our Ultra-Thin Body system, where sleek design meets adaptable performance for a seamless installation experience.

Key Features of The Ducted/Hidden Inverter:

  • DC Inverter Compressor: High efficiency rotary DC inverter compressor, system can operate in the best performance due to adjustable frequency.
  • Brand New Design: Brand-new outdoor unit design, external stop valve for easy installation and maintenance, there is also plastic cover to protect it from environmental erosion and accidental damage.
  • Wide Operation Range: Wide outdoor operation range, realize normal running in the critical conditional.
  • Refrigerant Piping: Long piping design, for ≥10.5kw, the MAX pipe length is 50m, and height difference is 20m.