Cassette Inverter

Cassette Inverter Air Conditioner.

8 Air way Cassette inverter Direction Commercial Air Conditioner.


The Sirair Cassette Inverter Air Conditioner: Elevating Comfort and Indoor Air Quality.

1. Minimizing CO, Maximizing Comfort:

Our Cassette Inverter air conditioner is more than just a cooling system; it’s a guardian of indoor air quality. By minimizing the buildup of CO, it creates an environment where you can breathe easy. This not only enhances comfort but also contributes to a healthier indoor atmosphere.

2. Combatting Unpleasant Odors:

In spaces like fitness areas, unwanted odors can be a challenge. Our Cassette Inverter AC tackles this issue by promoting ventilation and air renewal. It helps manage undesirable smells, creating a more comfortable environment for everyone working out in the same space.

3. Ventilation for a Healthier Space:

Beyond comfort, adequate ventilation is a key player in promoting air renewal. By bringing outdoor air inside, our system ensures optimal levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide. This not only reduces pollutants and allergens but also plays a crucial role in minimizing the risk of illnesses.

4. Natural Ventilation Strategies:

The Sirair Cassette Inverter Air Conditioner integrates seamlessly with natural ventilation strategies. Whether it’s occasional window or door opening to air the space or a combination of natural ventilation and air conditioning, it aims to maintain an optimal indoor environment.

Choose the Sirair Cassette Inverter Air Conditioner – where comfort, air quality, and well-being converge for an elevated indoor experience.

Efficient Cooling, Ultimate Comfort: Unleash the Power of Air Flow.

1. Comprehensive Cold Air Distribution:

Experience a new level of comfort as cold air effortlessly reaches every corner of the room. Our system ensures a comprehensive and even distribution, making your space more comfortable than ever.

2. Sleek and Space-Saving: Ultra-Thin Body Design.

Revolutionize your installation experience with the ultra-thin body design. With a minimal height of only 230mm, it not only adds a touch of elegance but also conserves valuable installation space, providing you with flexibility and aesthetics.

3. Clean Air, Clear Atmosphere: Cold Catalyst Filter.

Elevate your air quality with the optional cold catalyst filter. Designed to absorb small particles and adjust atmospheric particulate matter lower than PM2.5, it ensures that the air you breathe is not just cool but also clean and pure.

4. Powerful Pumping Capability: Built-in Water Pump.

Equipped with a built-in water pump boasting a pump head up to 1200mm, our system ensures efficient water circulation. This enhances cooling effectiveness, ensuring that your space stays refreshingly comfortable.

5. Sustainability in Maintenance: Washable Filter.

Say goodbye to frequent filter replacements. Our washable filter design requires minimal maintenance, needing cleaning only a couple of times annually. This not only makes maintenance easy but also proves to be cost-effective over time.

Transform your environment with unparalleled cooling efficiency, space-saving design, and clean air – where every aspect is designed for your ultimate comfort and convenience.

Cassette Inverter

Key Features of The Cassette Inverter:

  • DC Inverter Compressor: High efficiency rotary DC inverter compressor, system can
    operate in the best performance due to adjustable frequency.
  • Brand New Design: Brand-new outdoor unit design, external stop valve for easy installation and maintenance, there is also plastic cover to protect it from environmental erosion and accidental damage.
  • Wide Operation Range: Wide outdoor operation range, realize normal running in the critical conditional.
  • Refrigerant Piping: Long piping design, for ≥10.5kw, the MAX pipe length is 50m, and height difference is 20m.