Sirair Airconditioners VS Bar Heaters

Sirair Airconditioners VS Bar Heaters

Did you know than an air conditioner is at least 3 times more efficient as an electric heater?

To get a bit technical with this, A normal bar heater draws 2 kW of power for 2 kW of heat. A reverse cycle air conditioner which has a cooling and heating function requires only 0.6 kW of electrical power for 2 kW of heat!

Bar Heater power consumption cost per month

  • 2kw per hour x R3(Eskom kw rate per hour) = R6
  • 4 hours per day x R6 = R24
  • R24 x 31 days = R744 per Month

Aircon Power consumption cost per month

  • 0.6kw per hour x R3( Eskom kw rate per hour) = R1.80
  • 4 Hours per day x R1.80 = R7.20
  • R7.20 x 31 days = R223.20 per Month
  • Saving of R520.80

Advantages of Aircon Vs Bar Heater

  • Aircon can be used all year round (Winter and Summer)
  • Bar Heater only produces heat
  • Aircon heats up the whole room faster
  • Bar heater heats up a portion of the room and very slowly
  • Aircon is safe to use
  • Bar heater can overload the electrical circuits especially in older houses that can cause fires and due to radiant heat can cause clothing or couches to set alight and has potential to burn small children
  • Inverter aircon units can be used on a solar system providing the system produces enough electricity
  • Bar heater draws a lot of power and could overload solar system

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